End clients have been:

Accounting Firms and CPAs, Banks and Investors, Business Consultants and Managers, Courts and Judges, Educational Institutions and Professors, Governmental Agencies and Politicians, Law Firms and Attorneys, Real Estate Companies and Agents, Restaurant Owners and Cooks, Marketing Managers and more.


The Translation Agencies with which we have worked have registered offices in the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America



Our clients have approved the following statements to be published on this site: 

“Always a very high quality of the translated documents. We´ve been working together on contracts, financial texts and a complete business plan. Customers were very satisfied. Thank you.”

– Antje Lehmann, Fachübersetzungsdienst GmbH, Switzerland


“Very professional, accurate and courteous; exerts a superlative effort to even the most difficult demands of an assignment.”

– Jacasta Berry, Australian Multi Lingual Services Pty Ltd, Australia


Very professional, quick & reliable.”

– Bettina Alfaro, Alfaro-Sprachdienste, Germany.


“Excellent quality and prompt delivery.”

– Steve Golubovic, EDV Consulting and Lingual Services, Germany


“Very professional, accurate and prompt.”

– Claudia Dvorak, Dvorak International Linguistics Inc, USA


“Very professional, kind translator that always delivers on time.”

– Thomas Risse, Finetext GmbH, Germany


“Mr. Wood’s translations were superb. We have appreciated his thoroughness in realizing this project and felt completely comfortable relying on him. Great work!”

– Anne Phillips-Krug, Fachübersetzungsdienst GmbH, Switzerland


“Timothy completed the project on time and produced good quality work. He also produced supplementary material which was above and beyond what was requested.”

– Mr. Neil Paye, Kwintessential Ltd, England


“We were delighted with the speed and accuracy of Timothy’s work.”

– Erica Wolfe-Murray, Touch Productions Ltd, England


“Of good repute and very fast.”

KatrinWiedmaier, Diener Electronic GmbH + CO, Germany


“We appreciate their work. Thank you very much!”

– Andreas Hofmann, German Business Service e.K, Germany


“Easy to work with, fast turnaround.”

– Sergio Ruffolo, JR Language Services Inc, USA


“Sehr professioneller und verlässlicher Übersetzer, erfahren und disponibel. Gute Kommunikation. Zum Weiterempfehlen.”

– Rahel Sutter, RS Translations, France


“Timothy was a very professional gentleman. I would be more than happy to utilize the services of Timothy again.”

– Corey D. Stewart, Luxury Hotel, Downtown Denver, USA

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