Our Approach

Approach to Language Services: Specialized Glossary Sets

The key to our approach to translation services is a human translator decoding source language meaning and encoding it appropriately in the target language vocabulary. We do not use machine translations, unless specifically permitted by the client.  Our approach is based on both academic training as well as keeping track of words translated in a professional context for specific clients.

Specialized glossary sets are data sets developed through research of terms in the context of live, professional translation jobs.  Glossary sets currently in use are specialized for law (especially contracts, commercial lease agreements and court rulings), accounting, finance, banking and education. Timothy has been developing a specialized set of terms for more than 5 years with the overall purpose of maintaining accuracy and consistency in technically demanding legal and financial translations.

Upon request, we are willing to establish a glossary set for your particular assignment. This can be extremely valuable if you have future documents with similar terminology. This set of terminology can be used either to approve what has been translated or modified to fit your terminology needs. Since we are applied linguists, not lawyers, accountants or bankers, your input is invaluable for establishing the best terminology for your specific project. The glossary set will be included at a small fee, if you request it. It would normally consist of about 2-4% of the total word count of any given document. The terminology decisions for the glossary will be based on research, your preferences announced before commencing an assignment and our best linguist judgment.

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