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since 2005!

Crossculture Word specializes in written language services for English, French and German.  Other languages are available as well.  The language services we provide include document translation, proofreading and editing.  The four main professional fields in which we work are law, finance, business and academic. We have processed documents that range in size from one-page birth certificates to extensive legal contracts and books.  Crossculture Word’s language services are available for 24-hour rush services as well.

The operator of Crossculture Word has been an associate member of ATA for 10 years. As a result of this membership, we subscribe to the ATA Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices. Confidentiality is a significant part of the ATA Code for translators and interpreters. Additionally, Crossculture Word promotes the Proz.com Professional Guidelines for Translators.

A member of the American Translators Association.


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